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Tile flooring is an excellent alternative to hardwood and carpet flooring. Tiles have the cool beauty and surface feel of natural stone, and they’re durable, easily maintained and less costly than stone. As a tile flooring service provider in Maryland we offer a wide choice of tiles that are polished, smooth-finished grandeur that resonates color depth and captures the intricate design details of veins and pores seen in natural stones. Tile ideas are endless for the bathroom, kitchen flooring, or any indoor or outdoor area where the decor of the room is highlighted by flooring and window treatments. Our tile store in Gaithersburg has experts on site who are on call away from bringing you samples to you at home to showcase the variety of options and can arrange.

When you’re looking for floor tiles, we’re here for you. Commonly made of ceramic, stone, rubber, or glass, floor tiles can add life to your bathroom or kitchen. Floor tiles are generally set into mortar or floor grout. Although they are less uniform in color and pattern, natural stone tiles create a beautiful, unique look. Variations in tile thickness can be handled by adjusting the mortar under each tile, grout ‘ramps’ or using a cold chisel to knock off high spots.

What Type Of Tile Should You Get?

Some types of tile, such as limestone, are not good for heavily trafficked areas. Glazed ceramic tiles can look worn when scratched or pitted. Wear on natural stone tiles will be less noticeable, but can be stained by spills and must be sealed periodically. Rubber floor tiles are good when you need high traction areas such as garages, workshops, swimming pools, and more. Give us a call today to learn more about tiles.

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